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Pastor Lois Robinson
August 26, 2007

Get it right at home! No longer will I allow you to go forth in My house if you won’t go forth in your own. For the hour has come; the time is now when the head of the house must take responsibility for everything that is going wrong in the home. I am commanding there to be greater unity between husbands and wives and I am commanding that they lead, not drive, their children into a right lifestyle.

I am commanding that you listen…I am commanding that you listen…I am commanding that you listen…to each other and work together as never before or you will never walk through the open door that I have set before you.

It is time to get it right now and forever. I am not pleased with the mockery and hypocrisy that many are proclaiming that is of Me. Know that I am not in it, if you won’t fix it!

I want the world to see Me living big through you. Therefore, you can no longer do it your way because your ways are not my ways says God, but My way is right and you must get right and do it My way! And never forget that I am the head and I am in charge, and I charge you to get it right or pay the price!

What can you say in My name and in My honor if you won’t obey Me? Do not stand before My people and declare My ways if you are not willing to do what I say! Do not think that you can preach it and not be governed by it yourself. YOU MUST OBEY THESE WORDS!

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