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Word of the Lord to the Church
Elder S. Briggs
January 27, 2013

The Lord said, I revealed much in 2012. At any point during 2012, when you tuned in to me, you were able to reap benefits. Those who tuned in early and obeyed reaped many benefits.

2013 is a continuation of My kairos season where time is opportunity, where there is an opportune time, a time you must take full advantage of, for this is the suitable time, the right moment, my favorable moment.

CWCC you are learning my ways, tune in early for I have placed the Issachar Anointing (the understanding of the times to know what to do) in your midst. Set yourselves to grow and develop in this season like never before. You can not stay the same, you can't keep going backwards, find your place. Invest your time, money, and passion in your growth and development process and watch Me give you a great return on your investment.

My kingdom building must go forward for it is time for My house to be built. I not only speak of the physical buildings, but of My people as well. Men in the past you put down your nets and caught not very much, but at My word given by My servant (Pastor Robinson) cast your nets again for an abundant catch. There will be those that you go after (catch) and those that will just jump in the boat. I am so very pleased to be sending My sheep into the house (CWCC). Watch over those already among you, do not let a wolf come in and devour them. For I am also releasing a strong anointing for deliverance ministry.

Stay close, and hear well for increase and abundance are your portion. Take heed of the spirit of integrity and humility I have placed in your Pastors, for surely increase and abundance is yours to have. I am moving in new areas, keep an open mind and remember the Issachar anointing.

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