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Pastor Lois Robinson
Friday, January 26, 2007

•      I’m moving in the land as in the days of the smiting of the first born of Egyptian households with shockwaves of My glory. All who will not heed My voice will not enter into My promised place of peace and rest. For even as those who applied blood over the door posts were safe, the deposits you have made in heaven’s treasury are safe and have served as the glue that has kept your fruit on the vine until this very time. I even have the wealth of the Gentiles laid up for you as well.

•      My church shall arise and take her rightful place, as I will be separating the tares from the wheat and the world will finally see My bride adorned in all her glory. I am hovering over her and leading her by cloud and by fire. And if she will obey My instructions and follow My lead, it will be well.

•      For there is coming once again, a famine in the land—not just of food, but of finances as well. Unlike in the days when Jacob sent his sons to Egypt with money to buy food, the cry will come to My church for food because there will be no food and no money to go elsewhere to buy food.

•      Truly, My church, My storehouse, will finally become known as the resource center I created her to be. Those who have never lacked in times past and have thought that My church was so ineffective and so unnecessary will run there to be sustained.

•      For it is imperative that you do not neglect to store up your treasures in My storehouse so that there will be meat for My people. For I will surely move through the land, not in seven years from now, but in this YEAR OF REPLEVIN—IN 2007. For I am the righteous and just judge who will overturn, overturn, overturn it until I get it into the hands of its rightful owners (Ezekiel 21:27).

•      Know that I am now judging the land and I must find faithfulness and steadfastness even now. For the DAY OF DECLARATION is here, and I declare this day that judgment has come to the house of God. The church must be found faithful to carry forth My will in this earth.

•      Because replevin is self-help possession, your DAY OF RECORD is also here and I call heaven and earth to record this day against you. As you faithfully bring ye all of your tithes and offerings into My storehouse, know that you are storing up for yourselves DIVIDENDS in heaven, WITH A PAYABLE DATE—IN 2008.

•      So, be ye steadfast to do MY will and don’t be moved prematurely off of your position. MY timing is crucial and I will not lag behind on the things I have spoken. I am declaring to you today, NO DELAY IN 2008! I have given you leading indicators to prepare you for the mighty harvest that will sweep through this nation and cause the winds of prosperity to blow a mighty windfall your way, blowing to you harvests from seeds sown in the ground years ago, but never reaped.

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