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The Three Captains!

Deaconess K. Bethel
January 2008

The Lord would say, truly you have stepped from a year of transition, trail, and preparation; (I hear the words – Tested, Tried, and Faithful) and into the year of reward for faithful service. This is a time – locked year, where much ground will be gained…or lost.

(I see the church building, and there are three Captains outside of it. One is at the front center of the building, and the other two are at the opposite end at the corners. At the first Captain’s signal, they begin to pull. The first Captain is facing the building and he pulls straight out from the center until it is in the shape of a point; the two on each end are facing away from the building and they pull out in a diagonal-- one to the left, the other to the right. It’s as if, as the Captain pulls, the building stretches itself with ease to go in that direction. When the Captains have finished, the building is in the shape of a three-dimensional arrow.)

I’m not certain what all the first point represents. I hear the Lord say, this is (and must be) a personal year and I face you face to face. The points at the opposite ends are Community and Development. I hear the words “Operation Community Thrust”. The Lord says that this is a year of timing and reward. There is a marked-out time in this year where efforts in the community will produce great results. The Lord says this is a year for a greater presence in the community. In the previous year, you commanded the Community’s attention, through obedience to the urging of your heart; and now there is an expectancy to see what will happen next. The Lord says to launch while you have their focus. This will also be a year where we will see a lot of Development take place; some under and above ground. Again, I hear…targets are time-locked in this year; and an urging that this is a year of timing and reward.

The three dimensions, the Lord says one is Spiritual, one Home/Family, and one is a “Worldly Arena”. There must be a balance in these three dimensions. The Lord would say I’ve called you to full-wholeness in the Spiritual and Home(Family) arenas, balance or unbalance here precludes and directly affects your effectiveness and navigation of the “Worldly” arena. The Lord would say, note that when I signaled the two Captains to move, it was directly related to the balance of these areas. Also, note that when the building was pulled, it stretched with ease; this is due to the preparation that has taken place, and the provision of the resources required to carry out each task. The Lord would say, that there is an evangelistic anointing and appointing this year, however its form is unorthodox. I sense that this will be a year where we will see and partake “not the norm” ministry in and outside of the house.

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