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Excerpts from...The Rewarder Worth Seeking
Deaconess K. Bethel
February 2011

God began to show me three different visions. I saw three vastly different scenes… and His answer was that they are all connected. The three tell the story of the whole.

Vision 1 – The Hidden City (Received Friday, Feb 4, 2011)

I see a barren valley in which there appears to be little sign of any living thing. The grass is brown and brittle, and the surrounding area is dry and un-nurtured. Beneath this valley there is a flourishing city with many areas that are alive and thriving. There is a winding road leading to these thriving areas that are well-paved. There are many streams in this city, where the water is flowing swiftly and steadily. The streams are connected in some form or fashion and there appears to be constant activity around them.

The atmosphere in the entire area is pulsing with anticipation and vitality.

Vision 2 – The Launch Off/The Missing Crew… (Received Sunday, Feb 13, 2011)
The Lord showed me this space shuttle that is in the final stages of launch. I see the pilot of the shuttle going through the checklist ensuring that all is ready for the journey. Strangely enough, I see members of the crew that unfasten their seatbelts and exit the shuttle. The pilot continues to review the checklist and with the remaining crew, they quickly reposition themselves to fill in the gaps that were created and the launch sequence continues.

Outside the shuttle, the crew that exited takes a seat and prepares to watch the launch off.

There is the explosion of fuel that comes with a launch and the shuttle begins its ascent. The crew that exited the shuttle quickly stands and applauds the launch off, but then becomes dismayed as they watch the shuttle rapidly disappear from sight.

Vision 3 – The Rise of The Hidden City (Received Saturday, Feb 19, 2011 )
The Lord again showed me the barren valley in which there was no presence of life. I began to see people arriving to this valley, some would pass through and keep on their journey – since there appeared to be nothing in the area that was for them, but I saw others arrive who would stay that begin to set up camp. I begin to see structures that were erected in the valley and there were now signs of life; though the valley itself continued to look brown and dull and un-nurtured. Even as there were people who were in the valley and had taken up residence – there were still many who came and proceeded on their way – many of them were confounded as to why anyone would chose to stay in such a place. Some of them began to return to see if the activities in the valley continued and I see people on the outskirts of the area that have taken up chairs, began to wait and watch.

As life in the valley continues, in the distance there was an explosion of noise, and the ground begins to tremble. The city that was hidden beneath begins to rise and the barren land that was on the surface crumbles way.

The Word of The Lord - (Received Feb 23, 2011)
The word of the Lord came – that “In this season – I shall delight Myself in the prosperity of My people. I shall do a new and awesome work," says God. "Great is the reward for those who have learned of Me and have answered My “clarion” call. For even in this season, I am shifting power and causing hidden avenues to be revealed. I am turning hearts and minds to release that which has been denied My kingdom... And quickly, shall I advance My plans. For I alone am God and who can stand against Me.

In this hour, shall My kingdom be put on display, I will cause My work that I have continued under-ground, yes even that that I have done in a barren land – to be broadcast throughout this nation. And I will draw to Me those who have watched and waited for the work of My hand.

Bring to Me those who are sick and disheartened; those who are lame or un-whole – for in this season shall I reap My harvest of those seeds that I have caused to be sown. Yes, I shall reward quickly all that is done in My name; yes, I shall repay in kind for those who seek Me and are obedient to My instruction. So, shall I repay in kind those who do not heed My instruction and declare themselves to be against the work that I am doing. For it is through their obedience that they shall make it known that I am their God and quickly through My reward shall I declare that I alone am their Savior. This day, I call you to be a witness to that which I shall bring to pass, declares the Lord of Host.”
Extracts from Message: Interpretation
The call to witness is not just a call for us to watch what God is doing – as the crew who left the space shuttle did so they could see this explosion of activity– it a call to be a “part”-taker or to see from the inside track and to be the one for others to witness.

One thing that struck me from the vision God gave on the space shuttle – when a portion of the crew left – the activities inside did not change. The remaining repositioned themselves to fill in the gaps and the pilot continued his checklist.

God did not remove the crew, they removed themselves. When they left, the checklist or instructions didn’t change. The launch continued without missing a beat. The crew that got off, they were excited to see the launch, but they saw it from the wrong perspective and they quickly realized this. This is not to be our testimony.

In this season, there is much opportunity to reposition ourselves for a better future. This is time where we must pay attention to the all that is happening around us and be ready to respond quickly to those opportunities that arise. It is essential that we have a knowing-relationship with the Lord. We don’t want to miss or overlook the opportunities that God puts before us.

I read this quote and find that it is fitting: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~ Thomas Edison.

For in the barren land, it was not the valley – the world, the world systems, or the economy that made the land un-nurtured and caused it to be without life. It was the lack of expectation for the Rewarder – and His reward. We have to expect our harvest, and we have to expect our overflow. We can’t be as those who passed through the valley – and kept going because their natural sight and lack of expectation caused them to miss what God had been preparing under-ground.

We need to ask the Lord what it is that we should be doing in this season. What opportunities are there before us and how can he guide us to them. We also cannot become weary in the waiting, that we become tired of God.

In order to know what God desires for us, we have to know God and follow his instructions. Not knowing in this season is not an excuse for missing out on what He has for us to do; or for not following instructions that have been given from our pilots.

Expound on the Space Shuttle (Delivery Date: April 10, 2011)...
In the vision about the “SPACE SHUTTLE” God spoke of a shuttle that was in its final stages of launch. For the shuttle to be in the “final” stages – there must have been some preparation or earlier stages that were completed. In the last few years, God has continuously spoken of a time of preparation and positioning coming…and I dare say we are still in those days.

God continued by showing us the pilot reviewing a checklist. For this house Covenant Warriors – that pilot is our Pastors, to be clear Pastors Leander and Lois Robinson– who speak and pursue God in one voice….the checklist is the mandate, vision, instructions that God has given to them for this ministry and this work.

We are the crew. In the natural – there is a rigorous vetting or qualification process in order to qualify as a crew member. Crew members on a space shuttle are rarely just “passengers” they are there to complete a designated function or to fulfill a need….the same is true in our case. We are not passengers on this ship – this ministry – we are here for designated functions and to fulfill a need of the ministry or work.

When God first started showing this vision – I kept coming back to the fact that the crew had to unfasten their seatbelts before they could get out of the shuttle. I wasn’t quite certain what God was saying, then in one of our intercessory prayer sessions, Pastor stated that the crew “disconnected” and God brought back to me the word that came through Sis. Epsy – cautioning people not to disconnect themselves. This struck me as Awesome – how God speaks in one voice. God is telling us – not to disconnect ourselves from our secure positions – positions we have secured through fulfilling those same functions that qualified us to be crew members.

After some of the crew members left – God showed us that there was not a break in the activities inside the shuttle – there was not a new set of instructions that were received. The pilot continued with the checklist and they repositioned to fill in the gaps.

God also showed us that those crew members that had left the shuttle – they stayed close enough to watch the activities. Their heart wasn’t on fulfilling a need in the work – but in wanting to watch the work from the outside in…and not the inside out.

Once the shuttle had launched – those that had disconnected themselves – quickly realized their mistake and became dismayed – disheartened and disillusioned; when they realized that the shuttle or ministry had launched at such a rapid pace that they could not get back on board with what God was doing.

This vision is both a word of caution for us – against a spectating spirit and a spirit of willful disobedience that threatens this ministry and the Body of Christ as a whole. Keep in mind the shuttle was in the final stages of preparation/launch – the crew had been in place – and would have been in complete knowledge of what their function was on the shuttle….so yes, it is a word of caution…but it is also a word of praise and growth – the maturity and competence of the pilot and crew that remained. When they found themselves in a position where some major functions or needs were abandoned; there were no distractions or sense of panic. The crew was trained in such a way that they shifted to those major functions and filled the gaps created by the desertion to the point that they did not miss a beat.

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