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Pastor Lois Robinson
March 15, 2010

Your season of sowing has been laborious and intensive, but you have now entered into a season of new birth. While your season of sowing will be perpetual, you have entered into a season of birthing that will also be perpetual. Newness is all around you. The atmosphere and environment around you are charged with newness. Your world has taken on a new direction, a new shape, and a new horizon. Everything has been made new!

In your pursuit of worship, you have discovered a rhythm that corresponds to my heartbeat. It goes like this: Sowing and reaping; reaping and sowing. Sowing and reaping; reaping and sowing. And this cycle of blessings is perpetual as long as you are flowing with this pace. Because you are sowing, you are reaping; and because you are faithfully sowing continuously, you will now begin to reap harvests from fields where you havenít sown, while still reaping from your own familiar fields. I love your rhythm and I love the way you love me; and I long for my whole body to make my heart throb with the joy of service with which you worship Me. You have been ushered into the place designated for those whose desires are for Kingdom things.

Know that I am delighting in fulfilling the promises I made to you, whether long ago or in recent times. Be expecting to see like you have never seen! Be expecting to receive what you have never expected before! Be expecting to be used mightily in ways like youíve never been used before in growing my Kingdom. Your heart is beating simultaneously with my heartbeat and you have truly become one with my plans and purposes. I love those who love my purposes and I delight in souls coming into my Kingdom.

Everyone who will continue to trust and continue in obedience to My Word will experience a measure of blessings far greater than the magnitude of sacrifice and sufferings of past seasons. My reservoir of blessings is filled to overflowing and it is never dry, it is never low on reserves and it never gives out of blessings. There is more than enough in store for all who continually pursue Me!

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