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The Door Is Open
Deaconess K. Bethel
April 27, 2008

The Lord showed me a series of doors and I saw people standing before them. I heard the voice of the Lord say, “The door is open, come in.” I saw people grabbing the knob and turning it but the door does not open. The voice of the Lord came again saying, “The door is open, come in.” Again, I saw people grabbing the knobs but again the doors would not open. As this pattern continued I saw many who became angry and frustrated and they left the door.

I saw others standing at the door, crying in frustration, still turning the knob. I saw this group of people become filled with a holy rage (anger) and they let go of the knob, the voice of the Lord came again, “The Door is open, come in.” Then the people began to declare, “This door is open and I am going in!” I saw them walking towards the door declaring as they went that the door was open; and then the door was removed and they went in.

As they entered, I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Well, done. I told you the door was open…it was not for you to open it. It wasn’t for you to open the door, it was for you to believe and see the door as opened, to speak the way provided and go through.

Do not waste time trying to do what I have told you is done."

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