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Min. K. Bethel
Jan. 22, 2017

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During the first service of the New Year, Sunday, January 1, 2017, Apostle Leander Robinson presented CWCC's Theme for the year: The Year of Completion and Triumph -- Pressing Toward the Goal On Purpose For Purpose! This is the launching pad from which this prophetic word comes.

Notably, for the last several years we have witnessed the Lord continuing to build upon the Words He has spoken over this house, even as He built within us that which was needed to propel us to greatness and acquire that which He has declared is ours. This year is no different. Even as we prepared ourselves to seek a new Word from the Lord to guide, encourage, and strengthen us this year - a sensing that there was not a release from the 2016 prophetic Words began to grow. The year 2017 is a continuation period for the stretching of our faith. This is still a year for UNWAVERING FAITH IN ACTION, sharpened by the gains and new levels we achieved last year and honed into FAITH TO FINISH. The Lord assures us that "The Process Is" Still "Working and We Are Still "Winning." In fact, Victory is already Won!

Just as the Lord cautioned us last year that we were not speak of a "single promise" as a failed promise, we are not to speak of 2016 as a failed year. Just as the Lord spoke that 2016 would be our "most combative and rewarding year yet," we witnessed the truth of this word. By nearly every measure, we entered 2017 better than when we entered 2016.

In this year, we will surely face and overcome many challenges as we continue our press towards the goal. We can be confident that the building of the new edifice is already "complete in the heart of God." Our eyes shall surely see the finished product of our Faith in this year. We must maintain focused energies, and purposed hearts and minds. The strength of our determination will determine our success this year. My sensing for this year is that this is a period of continued "newness," growth and re-birth for Covenant Warriors. After the gains achieved last year, this is not the time to pull back on the reins. FORWARD is the mandate for this year, EVER FORWARD. As we continue to stretch our faith and press toward the goal, the many milestones of 2016 will be as stepping stones for the greatness to be pursued and achieved in 2017.

Though the world may be in a time of uncertainty and perceived chaos, my sensing is that this is a year of steadfast progress and joyous turmoil. There is no decrease in the level of warfare encountered this year. Our weapons are sharpened, and our fight continues. I see us waging war on more than one front; though, I do not sense that our fight is divided, rather the Lord has given us a multipronged strategy for the year. We are to be unrelenting in our good fight of faith. We war! We War! WE WAR!! This year, we start strong and we finish stronger!

We are to press through every form of adversity, press through every distraction, and together press continuously towards our goal. We are to war righteously with the Words that have been spoken over this local body, this nation, and our individual lives. Press in towards the promise, is the command of God. God will not be mocked and our faith will not go unanswered. God assures us that His Word is true, He has seen our faith proven by our actions, and not only were our prayers heard, but the answer has already been dispatched. We must not lose sight of faith. Our preferred future is here, straight ahead... we march FORWARD to victory.

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