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Prepared for Completion & Triumph
Min. S. Briggs
Jan. 21, 2017

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When Prophetess Lois instructed the prophetic team to prepare to give words to the Church for 2017, my thoughts were, why not just stay with the words from 2016. Those words are so powerful, useful, and impactful. I wasn't alone in my thoughts; many of us truly warred and would not have made it through except for those words.

As I sought the Lord for the 2017 Word, He began by directing me to the meaning of the number 17. To my delight and not really to my surprise, the meaning of the number 17 is right in line with the theme for 2017. What a God we serve. It was not until the eve of my time of fasting that I heard the Lord say look back at My Word from 2008, specifically the one given to Deaconess Kiffany Bethel.

The Number 17

Many scholars believe that in the Bible the number 17 symbolizes overcoming the enemy and complete victory. Now I was not smart enough to realize right off, that it had been 9 years since that word was given. So 2008 plus 9 years would be 2017. Saints of the most High God, let the Lord blow your mind even the more. The number 9 also means finality and completeness. Watch God.

In 2008 the Lord said, "truly you have stepped from a year of transition, trial, and preparation." He said we would be tried, tested, pulled and stretched, but because of preparation, we would be found faithful. It was as if the Lord was speaking about 2016. Yes, 2016 was indeed a strategic year of trust and preparation. We learned to trust God and move forward even when we did not see or understand the process. He told us that we would win if we "Don't stop! Don't give up! and Don't quit faith!" We won many battles in 2016 and the Lord says, AGAIN CWCC you have been found faithful. You did not doubt Me because you didn't win the war, but you moved forward in the midst of every battle. You took the time to see the process work in every situation and circumstance.

Know that through this process I have greatly INCREASED the Apostle of this house. Now, through my manservant, I call you CWCC to Completion and Triumph for the next phase of My plan.

I call you to:

Completion: (the action or process of finishing something, the state of being finished)

I call you to

Triumph: (a great victory or achievement)

CWCC I have also commanded you to PRESS toward the goal. There is much work to build the edifice, to train musicians, to bring 7-10 new families into the Church this year, and so too for your personal goals. The Lord would say that completion and triumph do not come without pressing. For this purpose, I am calling you to press for balance in 2017. As I said in 2008 that the three areas of balance are "spiritual life/ministry, family/home, and the [marketplace/resources]." Unbalance [in these areas] precludes and directly affects your effectiveness in the Kingdom. As you press for balance in each area for the sake of the Kingdom, know that MY blessings will overflow in each.

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