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Prophetess Lois Robinson
Written: Jan. 20, 2017
Delivered: Jan. 22, 2017

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As I sit pondering on the night of January 20, 2017, what God would say through me concerning His direction for the church for the Year 2017, my mind is flooded with images and thoughts of the main event of the day, the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald John Trump. Thoughts of the entire election process flood my mind, from the announcement of presidential candidates, to their individual campaigns, to the casting of ballots, to the moment of truth, which supposedly revealed America's choice for her next president. The declaration of this revelation was followed by violence and devastation, leaving us a nation divided with many questions regarding the future of our nation. In years past, even if my choice for president has not always been the one who came out on top, I have been okay with that, and I readily accepted the outcome based on the official voting process, and I moved on. This election was different for me and I don't mean to be mean spirited and I mean no disrespect, as that's not the American way and certainly not God's way. But even though the announcement was made that Mr. Trump was declared president-elect, something about it didn't feel final to me. Of course, at that time, I knew nothing of the accusations concerning Russia's alleged interference with the voting process because it had not been made known. Be that as it may, today, Mr. Trump was inaugurated and officially became president of the United States. Somehow, it still doesn't feel final, but in my spirit, I have peace that it is well because God is in control.

Earlier in the week, I began seeking the Lord through fasting and prayer for a word to the church at large, but specifically for Covenant Warriors Christian Center. The Lord impressed upon me to reflect on the theme presented by Apostle Leander Robinson for the Year 2017 -- The Year of Completion and Triumph--Pressing Toward the Goal, On Purpose - For Purpose."

With the biblical meaning of the number "17" denoting completion, victory, triumph, and overcoming the enemy, this theme is truly God inspired and clearly speaks of God's direction for the church for this year. It is with that backdrop that I give this word of the Lord to the Church for 2017:


The Lord said concerning 2016 last year that it would be a hard year. We saw that. He also said, "2016 was set to be our most combative and rewarding year yet." Many also saw that. However, many would say they saw and witnessed the combat, but the reward escaped them. As a result, many entered the year 2017 with disappointment and skepticism. But the word of the Lord to you for this year is, BE ENCOURAGED - IT AIN'T OVER - WATCH THE HAND OF GOD. [As a disclaimer, understand that, with this word of encouragement, I make no personal inference concerning the outcome or future of the presidency. That process is over unless God changes it, regardless how I (or you) may feel, so be encouraged and move on.]

The Lord wants us to know that the warring and difficulty we endured last year were not for nothing. It may not feel like you won the war because your faith muscles are still healing and regaining strength from the serious blows dealt by very real situations. You see, in years gone by, you would have fallen under the pressure, but you are still standing and it is because your faith is no longer small. As you continued to exercise your faith, your muscles became stronger, firmer, and they have grown bigger. You are better than you know and "the process is still working." Even now, God is working some things together for your good; so hang on to the promises God gave you.

You warred in faith and didn't give up; now you're going to walk into your blessing and you are going to do it with ease and it's going to be better than before. The set man of the house has spoken over you that, this is "The Year of Completion and Triumph," and indeed it is, for those who will accept it, agree with it, and keep "Pressing Toward the Goal, On Purpose - For Purpose." The groundwork was laid last year and now it is time to complete the work. The foundation of a thing is the barometer that determines the breadth, width, and depth with which the thing can be sustained. Through faith, your foundation is sure and runs deep.

What's happening in our nation is not the barometer with which you are to focus or measure the validity of My word, says the Lord. Just as with last year, there will be much goings on in 2017 that would suggest that failure is inevitable; and if you allow what you see to serve as the measuring rod and dictate your course of action, failure it will be. But remember the word of the Lord given by my servant, that the year 2017 is, "The Year of Completion and Triumph -- Pressing Toward the Goal, On Purpose - For Purpose." These words are My spiritual barometer, and if you will embrace them and say what I say, it will be so for you. You will be amazed at the settling that will come to you as you embrace this truth. You will truly see how "life and death are in the power of your tongue." If you choose to speak doom and gloom because of what you see and hear, it is so. If you choose to embrace My words and say what I say, it is so. There will be those who will gain much through and by their natural talents and abilities; THEY must be sustained by the same. However, those who will gain much because they choose to say what God says in the midst...did you hear that? Those who will choose to say what God says in the midst of the mess, will see the hand of God symbolically writing on the wall, reversal orders, and working all things together for your good. Ain't that good news! Pastor Hart Ramsey and His Northview Christian Church choir said it well in their song, It is so. "You have the swing vote; you are the deciding witness. What do you say?" I say to you, God has spoken that this is a year of completion and triumph; Satan is continually sowing thoughts contrary to what God says; but what do you say?

Make no mistake! This is not a year of smooth sailing on calm seas-- more storms will come, bringing much turbulence and destruction, and on the surface, it will appear that history is repeating itself, serving up failure and defeat, causing blessings to escape you once again, BUT GOD says, NO! It's not going down like that this time. Believe the words of My prophet says God and say what I say. It may look bad; in fact, it may look like things promised are dead in the water...once again, but I say, BE ENCOURAGED - IT AIN'T OVER. So if God says it ain't over, I say it ain't over.

A few days ago, I heard in my spirit, that God is going to cause some things that were taken from you to be restored to you and some debts you owe will be forgiven because of your kingdom connected heart. Also, some things that were never yours, the Lord is going to cause to come into your possession because of your kingdom goals and purposes and despite the nay sayers, the enemy will not be able to pluck it out of your hand. You have said to the Lord, if you will bless me with an abundance, I will be faithful and I will bless the church. Watch the hand of God! I actually heard this in my spirit a few days ago, before I became aware of the discussion that 2017 is considered a year of Jubilee, as it was in 1917, then 50 years later in 1967, and now 50 years later in 2017. That means you should expect remission in health situations, canceled assignments, debt forgiveness, and restoration, of good and perfect gifts. God is going to overturn some things until they get into the hands of the rightful owners. Be expecting! So, in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let the word be established. Say what God says. In the words of T.D. Jakes, "Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready."

Finally, the word of God in 1Cor. 15:58 [KJV] says, "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

Don't be moved off your position this year. I hear the word of the Lord, "the latter shall be greater than the former." The blessings of the Lord for you will be better than you imagined. Stay faithful and know that God has not forgotten your labor of love toward Him and God does not lie. Be encouraged because it ain't over until God says it's over. Watch the hand of God!

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