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FROM FAITH TO FAITH...Press Towards The Goal
Min. Kiffany Bethel
December 27, 2015

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In 2015, under the leading of God our focus was on understanding what FAITH is, how it works, and being willing and eager (not fearful) to "Embrace Change." The year 2016, by the same leading, is to be a year of the application of the Faith, Knowledge and Wisdom gained this past year. This is a year of sacrifice, increase, and addition. I sense we are in a season of Harvesting and Tilling (preparing the ground for new). It is a purpose-filled year, where the Lord shall enlarge our territories in the natural as we add to His kingdom spiritually.

Several years ago, we received a word through Apostle that we had an "extended Scepter" from God. Over the course of the years, I've had a sensing that the Scepter was still extended, but I've never seen it. As I sought the Lord for a word, He began to reveal this vision to me. I see... Heaven's throne room. It appears to be connected to a room that is massive and filled with heaven's army. The room appears to be a hall or passageway from which the throne is always visible. The army of the Lord stands in "attack posture" as they are lined up along the walls of both sides of the passage way leading to the throne. My sensing is that they are not there to impede our entry, but that they are the line of defense against the obstacles that seek to hinder our approach. I see the Rewarder of Faith standing, attentive with His scepter extended before us. As we approach the throne, the room appears to elevate and enlarge. This repeats as we get to the end of the hall and reach the throne...the room continuously elevates and enlarges. We are launched fully into the deep this year. We are still in a season of open access to heaven's throne room and God's vigilant eye is upon us. This is a year of intensified opposition, but God has already declared WE WIN! When the Enemy arises, Heaven's Army stands at the ready to war on our behalf. If we don't quit faith or stop our pursuit towards the goal, WE WIN! This year is a stretching period for us. Even as we approach the close of 2015, the Lord began to speak that we are to "Come Leaping" into 2016. Our Faith (levels) cannot remain the same. This is a year of continuous pressing towards the goal. The Lord and His army cover us as we move from Faith to Faith. At each level, the Lord assures us that the Scepter is still extended.

By the leading of the Lord, I declare that we are still in a season of manifested reward. The blessing plan of the Lord is still in operation. This is a strategic year of faith-filled actions. Targeted Faith (actions) is the key to achievement this year. Gains this year will be achieved On-Purpose, For Purpose. We can't get stuck in disappointment or excitement of where we are now, or way-laid by the victories we obtain this year. This is the year of the continuous press and we must continue to press toward the goal. The Enemy will seek to distract us with the small victories (relative to where the Lord is taking us) to draw our attention away from the ultimate goal. By all means, we are to celebrate our wins; however, we are in the deep, the overflow, the abundance. Do Not Settle! Expect the "More than Enough." Recovering ALL is still the standard.

Even as we have witnessed the blessings of the Lord in times past, the Lord assures us that He is not done yet. Faithful flock, increase is our portion. Increase has come to the house. While I see blessings being poured out onto the children of God, my sensing is that this is a year for collective focus. This year is a seed sown and grown for the Kingdom. The Lord assures us that He will protect that that concerns us and bless the work of our hands, as we join together in faith and labor to accomplish the goal for 2016...the completion of the church edifice.

Knowledge and Wisdom are key this year. From our studies on How Faith Works, we gained much knowledge on not just faith, but on who God is and how He operates. The spirit of discernment is essential this year, we must be wise in our strategy, and precise in actions. 2016 is set to be our most combative and rewarding year yet. This Year We War! We are to accept nothing less than God's report (results) this year. As we submit our requests to the Lord, target our Faith through purposeful action, we are to keep the vision ever before us.

In our studies from the book "How Faith Works," Apostle Price teaches that God does not deny our requests. Towards the end of the year, the Lord highlighted for me the following Scripture that was used in part in Apostle Price's teaching: Matthew 7:9-11 (NIV) 9 "Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" God forewarns us that one of the traps of the Enemy this year is to get us to accept strange (or unasked for) fruits. "Do not settle for less than your request!," says God. "Expect and accept only the fruit that comes from Good Ground, for I AM the Good Father." The Lord would say we (Covenant Warriors) have proven ourselves to be good soil, good ground in which a plentiful harvest can be cultivated.

As we continue to press towards the goal and each new level of faith, the Lord will manifest that which He has added to us. The Lord has increased - our visibility in the community. There are many opportunities that will present themselves in the community to demonstrate the gifts and talents the Lord has placed in the House. The Lord has increased - our spear of influence. Covenant Warriors shall be known as a "Change-agent" in the Kingdom, in our community, and in our individual arenas. The Lord has added - Faithful Skilled Laborers, who will propel the ministry forward in dynamic ways. The Lord has added - unusual streams of income. Unique sources of income will reveal themselves this year.

We must remain ever vigilant and continue to engage our "faith-sight" that we might accurately see in this season. Faith continues to rise. We must remember that for each level of faith, the Scepter is still extended. We must continue to press, says the Lord of Host!

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