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Prophetess Lois Robinson
December 27, 2015

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During Wednesday Night Bible Study, November 18, 2015, the Lord spoke to my spirit as Apostle was reading the prophetic word, "Year of Deliverance...," and said, "you [CWCC] are soaring." Google provided three definitions for the word "soar." It means, "to fly or rise high in the air; to maintain height in the air without flapping wings or using engine power; and lastly to increase rapidly above the usual level." It is by virtue of the definition of the word "soar" and the spoken word of the Lord that this prophecy comes.

It is BY FAITH that we have risen high above our usual level of operation; and it is BY FAITH that we are maintained at this new height by soaring, without flapping our wings. Faith in action is the command of the Lord! This year, we (the church) pray, we (the church) participate, and we (the church) proclaim BY FAITH THAT which we pray and believe we receive when we pray, believing that it is done, when we pray.

Therefore, the Lord says, I have not forgotten a single promise I made to you and don't speak of them as though they are failed promises. Remember, "faith is always present tense," so as your level of faith and the nature of the thing line up, you will witness things coming in order and the manifestation of the promises I have spoken to you. It is BY FAITH that you must know Me as Jehovah Jireh. I am the God who sees all of your needs and provide for them. Know that I surely see your needs, but I need you to see Me as your provider who is able to supply every need and when you see it, I will do it.

Prophetically speaking, the year 2016 will be a hard year. It will be a year of continued violence and boundless lawlessness. There will be more and more devastation across the land. Nevertheless, fear not! God is not asleep at the helm and nothing will catch Him off guard. Allow the unceasing devastation to drive you to your knees in prayer. Trust God and know that the process is working. The Lord says, My strategy for you is, BRING EVERYTHING TO ME IN PRAYER and trust that I will guard, protect, and deliver you. It is BY FAITH that you must trust that I am well able to deliver you through every situation and every circumstance. II Chronicles 7:14 says, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." As you submit your prayers to Me says God, I WILL break every chain that has held you bound.

The time has come for ALL, not just some, but ALL, to become willing participants in kingdom works. As you labor to build my house, there is work for everyone. To complete the expansion process, I am calling for war on another level. I am calling for those of you who have felt you have nothing to offer to pray without ceasing for my front liners. I am calling for those of you who are already praying to take it to another level in prayer. Let me caution you that HARD IS PART OF THE PROCESS. When the enemy comes in like a flood...through mental attacks, through physical attacks, through financial attacks, through untimely deaths, through satanic delays...and even through some literal floods, do not think that is a sign that things are not working. Don't stop! Don't give up! Don't quit faith! The process is working and you are winning.

Covenant Warriors, the Lord says we haven't been this way before. In 2016, we're not starting from the same familiar place. In 2015, He took us to the mountaintop to give us a clearer view of His preferred future for us. As the allegory says, "He has made our feet like hinds' feet so that we can move easily and rapidly across the rocks and uneven terrain of the mountains and mountainous landscape." In 2015, we began leaping from rocks without losing footing and now we are soaring. We have taken a leap in our faith and we are being steadied to glide on high places. We will know when the process is complete because we will have a our new sanctuary, but know that the process is already complete in the heart of God.

BY FAITH, I prophecy that THE WHOLE of the church is on board...and so, WE SOAR...individually and collectively!

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