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Deaconess K. Bethel
January 26, 2014

The Word of the Lord comes that we are still in a continuation of the outflow of blessings. 2014 is to be a year of much financial gain. We are to call in, create streams, and actively pursue the finances that have been earmarked for our use. This is the year of manifestation for those finances that have long been delayed. Pursue and recover all is the command of the Lord. Ideas and golden opportunities will reveal themselves to the engaged and determined seeker. For those who can stand to be blessed and still keep Him in His place -- the heavens are open to you; reach up for your blessing.

This will be a demanding year. Much energy and focus will be required to navigate this year. Faithful flock, be faithful still. You must keep your ears focused on My voice to effectively target your energies as you seek to answer the demands of the year. Take courage that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah goes before you. My roar will be constant this year, says the Lord. We have the Go, the authority, to create our blessings. Kingdom connection is key, not just when pursuing connected-blessings - but remaining under the covering (the authority & protection) of the Kingdom. We are to find our balance quickly, don't wait for a shift that has already occurred. The Demands for Deliverance shall not cease in this year. The Lord is preparing an Evangelistic Thrust into the community this season, tune in to cries of the broken. Take heed of those who labor among you, in this are your brother's keeper.

We shall surely see continued warfare, but its form is unlike 2013. The Enemy's tactic this year is to distract and discourage, BEWARE OF DISTRACTIONS! Those traps of which the purposes are to tie up resources or time, and wear down resolve; beware and keep your gaze set upon Me, says the Lord. For I have declared this to be a prosperous year, and who can stand against Me? Remember that the Enemy is the impersonator of lions, his roar has no authority. Do not give in to the appearance of opposition or defeat, for My roar goes before you. Keep your eyes on the prize, for in this year, the persistent will have tactical advantage. Do not delay faith. Faith must be NOW. Be encouraged, for IT IS STILL WELL AT THE WELL. Fight the good fight of faith that it may be well with you.

There are many riches in store for us, but don't limit God's prosperity to just financial in nature. Health of the spirit, body, and mind are key factors in God's prosperity plan. The God of Peace is with us; take peace upon you that you might be fit to stand the darts of the enemy. We must be strategic in our warfare and endeavors. Be vigilant of your surroundings and purposefully swift in action. We are to target our faith and steady our sight so that we might see (conceptualize and witness the manifestation of) the fruits of our labor. The Lord has prepared platforms of increase in the community - REAP, says the Lord!

Be mindful of the words from your mouth, for in this year of creation, the enemy will be swift to use the weapon of negative expectancy against us. Declare and decree My good and faithful will, send My Word before you to clear the path ahead. Expect the fulfillment of My word and the manifestation of the desires of your heart. Be it unto you in accordance to your faith and expectancy. For in this season , the Lord of the Harvest will surely give seed and abundant life to the sower. Go! Pursue! and Recover! ALL (the full measure of the blessing) that is decreed to be added to our inventory, is the command from the Lord of Host.

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