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Elder S. Briggs
January 26, 2014

On December 28, 2013, Pastor Leander Robinson presented to the Leadership Advisory Board the direction and the theme for the Church in 2014. Pastor began to talk about the significance of the number 14, and how this would be a year of production and duplication. He said "..... the number 14 means to double, reproduce (or produce again). Production means, out-put, doing things." There were others, but the Lord began to speak to me specifically about these.

The Lord highlighted the word double to me and He said, "Double Time, military." In military terms, especially in the Army, double time means a fast march of 180 paces to the minute. The Lord would say that He is calling us to pick up the pace in 2014. To pick up the pace in Kingdom Building, in fulfilling dreams, reaching goals, and positioning ourselves [out-put, doing things].

In the military during a drill, a soldier is usually in what is called a quick time march,[which is not as fast as double time] before they go into double time. The Lord would say that many of you felt like or even thought you were doing double time in 2013. Yes, there was intense warfare and a hard fought fight for much victory and growth in 2013, nevertheless, my command for you this year is Double Time. When marching in quick time and on the command MARCH the soldier takes one more step in quick time and then steps off in double time. The Lord would say to you, take one more step. Know that those who trusted My word and moved with me in 2013 are already in quick time and are positioned to go directly into double time. Not only will you pick up the pace, but My blessing for you will come at a fast pace (double time).

The Lord would say, those who were in a halt position in 2013 [standing still, fearful, not trusting], also have received the command. Know that to come from a halted position to double time, requires some shifting and several precision movements. Get back in step with Me.

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