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Pastor Lois Robinson
July 13, 2008

God has issued our marching orders. The clarion call “Forward March” has been made. Specific instructions have been given to each of us. Husbands have received their specific orders; wives have received their specific orders. These orders must be explicitly followed—deviations are not allowed. God has determined the course of direction, the battle dress, and the vehicle that will drive the mission. If we falter even in one area, we will not be allowed to move forward—we must go back and get it right. This is not a word of what is to come. We are moving out; we are marching forward.

What I saw is that people were busy doing whatever god had assigned them to do and no one concerned themselves with what everyone else was doing, but there was an assurance that as each person does what he or she has been assigned to do, the whole plan of God is moving into place. I had been given orders to go to a specific place; to wear a specific garment; to drive a specific vehicle and I had done everything except…I had on the wrong garment. I had to go back and change clothes. I could not concern myself with what my husband was doing; neither could he concern himself with me. There is no time to slack off. God’s timing is crucial!

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