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Pastor Lois Robinson
January 12, 2008

2007 was a year of war but it was not for naught. Just as natural armies’ victories or defeats are determined largely by their preparation, readiness and proper positioning for battle, so it is with you. The past year was your time of preparation, readiness and proper positioning so that you will be ready to reap the spoils that have been set aside for you. Those who warred a good warfare are now about to step into a fresh and new awareness of My provisions. Obedience is surely better than sacrifice and you are about to see how your obedience to stay the course, however difficult it may have been, does not compare to what is in store for you. For even as I spoke and said the heavens are open and My scepter is extended, know now that I am about to make the clarion call “FORWARD MARCH” for My army, My warriors, those who are in position, to move out. The instructions I gave to “STAY THE COURSE” and “STEP IT UP” were just at the time when you had become discouraged and thought nothing was happening. But to the contrary, that is the time much was happening at a rapid rate; that is why you had to pick up the pace, (that is, “STEP IT UP”), so you would be ready for the leap in 2008. Your labor was not in vain; if you had not warred, you wouldn’t be ready to receive the spoils, but because you chose to obey, you will see that in 2008 I will not delay. This shall be a great benefit year for My kingdom and 2008 is only the beginning of your kairos season of blessings. Covenant Warriors, in your 12th year, just before the entrance of 2008, I solidified your governmental structure. And now that you have entered into the 13th year, you are positioned to know what is to come so that you will be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil. 2008 will only be a sampling of the land of goodness that is to come. It is yours to enjoy, but you don’t have time to shrink back. You must STAY THE COURSE and know that even better days, years and seasons are rapidly approaching. At first, only a few of you (a Gideon’s Army portion) will actually lay hold of the spoils while some who lagged behind and did not get in position will be left for a season. But do not despair and do not lose hope, this is the beginning of a number of waves of blessings coming—one after another--that will sweep through. So RUN, RUN, RUN TO THE PROMISES with great expectancy and know that it is My good pleasure to pour out blessings upon you. REMEMBER, the windows of heaven are open and I have no immediate plan to close them.

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