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Pastor Lois Robinson
January 27, 2013

Shortly after the church ended a called fast on Friday morning, January 25th, I entered a time of worship and meditation. I looked up the number "13" and found that it represents "rebellion, revolution, and rejection." While this may be a true representation of the number, everything in my spirit rebels against, revolts, and rejects the fact that this definition bespeaks the direction of the church for the year 2013. Therefore, I speak by the Spirit of the Lord and decree and declare that this year is a continuation of the outflow of blessings we saw in 2012. The number "13" is truly significant in the fact that it will serve as a reminder all year long for the body of Christ to rebel against and reject everything the enemy brings that is contrary to this declaration. This means that we must be ready to war for every good thing God wants to do in our lives. We will surely see blessings flowing like floods as we war for the fulfillment and manifestation of them. Even as many saw the mighty outstretched hand of God bring and bestow awesome blessings upon them in 2012, the best is yet to come! I sense multiplied blessings, upon multiplied blessings, upon multiplied blessings for ALL who would dare to believe and receive kingdom-connected gifts and giftings. What I am saying is that God will DEFY THE ODDS that are against us! Make no mistake about it, the devil is real and he is on his job, but everything the devil tries to levy upon us will be defeated through constant prayer and praise and worship. For years now, Pastor has spoken of the roar of God that He heard during one of our church services. And now, I declare to you that I hear the mighty roar of God as Pastor heard. It is a roar that sounds like mighty rushing waves of the sea. The angry deep is being made to give up that, that it has swallowed up. Whatever the Lord has said is yours and it continues to escape you, it is time to GO GET IT. GO GET YOUR BLESSING! WHAT IS IT? YOUR HEALING? YOUR JOB? YOUR SANITY? YOUR PEACE? YOUR MATE? YOUR MARRIAGE? YOUR CHILD? YOUR FAMILY? YOUR FINANCES? War for it and take it back! I hear so strongly in my spirit that this is another great year for all who will dare to believe and receive. Many have scorned those who, in times gone by, preached the "Name It and Claim It" message, BUT I declare to you that this is the year to NAME IT AND CLAIM IT...IF...IT... HAS...A... KINGDOM...CONNECTION. God will not be mocked. You've been granted power of attorney to stand in the name of Jesus and act in His stead to move heaven and earth. Know your rights and begin to exercise them like never before. Say not how bad things are, but use the authority you've been given to effect change. You can do it because God is defying the odds; He is on our side and He will not ignore our faith.

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