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Behold The Works Of His Hands
Deaconess K. Bethel
January 26, 2013

Behold the Mighty Hand of the Lord for in this season, He is moving upon the land and hearts of man-kind. This year is truly a year of demonstration of the Lord's mighty works and He will reap great glory from the demonstrations of His Love, Power, and Might! Works and greater works is the call for this year. Truly, we shall see the Lord move mightily in supernatural and natural arenas. The favor of the Lord follows us this year.

The Lord applauds this body for the success of 2012. New levels of faith were achieved in 2012; some at great cost, but for all the reward was bountiful. Faith unacted upon is dead and this year the Lords calls us to life and greater demonstrations of faith. For the Lord has caused a great thirst for righteousness and wholeness to come upon the broken and disheartened; "and I am drawing them to the beckoning light of My trusted lighthouse for repair on My operating table. Prepare for the demands of Deliverance!"

The doors of Covenant Warriors will be busy this year. Though, there will be some who come for use of the gifts that will be displayed; so too shall I send those who will stick, uphold, and undergird the ministry. Key focuses for this year are FAMILY and FINANCES. I sense that the Lord is preparing a great work within families this year, curses will be broken, hearts will be mended, and justice will rule the day. This is a year where we shall see an outpouring of finances as we've never seen before, collectively and individually. Streams of income will be created and activated in this year. My sensing in this area is that the outpouring of finances shall be sufficient to secure the future. Warfare is expected and will be heavy this year. Victory is already won.

On Thursday, January 24, 2013 the Lord completed a vision He'd began to show me; however it wasn't until Saturday, January 26th that the Lord began to speak on what He'd shown me. Vision:

The Lord showed me a Well sitting in the middle of a valley, the Well is made of paved stones. In the air, circling around this Well, there is great warfare taking place. I see the army of the Lord, pushing back and pushing through the Enemies army. Though, it is clear and indeed certain that the Army of the Lord is victorious in this fight, the intensity and urgency of the battle has not been diminished. Their fight takes them into the heavenlies as well as upon the valley's surface; however the warfare is mostly contained around the Well. Inside the Well, although the water in it is plentiful and pulsing with life...I see water that is pouring into the Well from the heavens. From the paved stones that form the Well, water is leaking from its pores flowing freely into the cracks and crevices of the valley.

The Warfare is great this year, however we fight with the assurance that victory has already been won. The Supernatural will be prevalent this season and our fight will encompass every area. We are to be security-minded for the gains of 2012, for we have riled a jealous Enemy - seeking to exploit and destroy through every vulnerability that he can find. We are to secure the House of the Lord, our homes, our vehicles, in every area. Hold fast and beware of the slithering serpent seeking to inhabit Kingdom places and who hides in high and low places.

This is a year of PROVISION and REPLENISHMENT. There is a life-giving flow of the Spirit this year and there will be much pouring out. Resources will not dry up, abundance is God's portion for us this year. The walls of the Church will be exceeded in this year. As we pour out into the community, the Lord will continue to pour in and replenish that that has been expended. Though Victory IS ASSURED, we are to hold fast to the urgency of the hour and not lose focus of the Enemy at hand. Though, the Warfare IS great, we are to not miss the marvels of the Supernatural that will be displayed. We are to clothe ourselves in the Word of the Lord, and the authority there-in, and war like heaven.

This is the AWESOME year of the Lord and we shall behold the work of His hand.

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