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A Year Of Active Pursuit
Deaconess K. Bethel
January 21, 2012

What a great year to be on the Lord’s side! My sensing for this year is a year of continuous and steady advancement for the kingdom and people of God. This is a year of outpouring of the favor of the Lord – for all who are on His side. I see waves of blessings that are overtaking the faithful and prepared. Make room for the blessings of the Lord.

As I sought the Lord for a Word for the Church, I began to see this large kettle that is sitting over an open fire – filled with water – near the point of overflowing. The water is boiling steadily with a lot of activity on the surface. As I sought the Lord on exactly what He was conveying to me; I began to have an assurance that this is where we are. We are this kettle that has been sitting over open fire – we have withstood open attack and many situations that could have consumed and destroyed; we have steadily prepared our hearts and minds for the blessing of the Lord. The temperature is now ripe for the move of the Lord. This is a year of activity on surface – where we see (and participate) in many goings on.

In this year of active pursuit of the Lord and His rewards – God shall reveal new strategies and insight for paving roads to increase. This is a time of strategic positioning in the community as well as the education and business arenas. The move of the Lord shall be mighty in these areas. This is a year where sharp ears and quick feet are key – for there is much that the Lord shall cause to be revealed in the presence of those His has positioned in these areas – where a quick prepared response will net a great return. I have a strong sensing that in the area of community especially the Lord is preparing a mighty move – we need to stay abreast of what is taking place in the community in this year – and the Lord will reveal new avenues for ministry, prosperity, and advancement.

In the last quarter of 2011, during intercessory prayer – the Lord impressed upon me that he was preparing to clear the camp of His enemies. Those who’ve purposed themselves to cause discouragement, delay, and division. I say again…what a great year to be on the Lord’s side! 2012 is a year to make your elections sure. This is not a year for being on the fence – for we shall surely see in this year – the Lord deal mightily and vengefully with His enemies.

In this year, the Lord is moving at a rapid pace – to fall behind is to be left behind. Do not allow the Enemy to convince you that you are too busy for the business of the Lord or you will miss the wave of blessing that is rolling in. This will be a year of structure to a degree that we have not seen before – for the Lord is surely shoring up His ranks. No more guarding the door with the gate open. I sense an explosion of the Apostolic that will set the community on ears and a pairing with the prophetic that will allow subtle navigation of new territories where will we have great impact.

Intercessors stay tuned and stay sharp – ‘cause the first wave is coming in!

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