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A New Order
Pastor Lois Robinson
January 22, 2012

God spoke at the beginning of 2011 and said “It’s Harvest Time,” but the enemy caused many people’s faith to fail because they focused on the things they could see (like the failing economy and the state of their personal financial situations) rather than trusting God. The plan of the enemy for Covenant Warriors Church and many other churches in 2011 was that the church would fold; it was finished; it was over, just as for many of you as well. The number “11” means “End.” Though Satan’s plan was “to steal, kill, and destroy,” God’s plan for us has always been good and He caused us to endure even though some narrowly made it through, and yet, for some, it proved to be a banner year nevertheless. Those who refused to be defeated and persevered against tremendous odds saw the hand of God prevail on their behalf.

2012 represents a year of uniting into common purposes and goals according to the government of God. The number “12” means “Joined” and this year, God is causing us to join together in strength and unity like never before. The plans that God has for us are being expedited and promises that have been delayed will be manifested this year. In 2011, we saw the flow of blessings come to a trickle and almost stop, but in 2012 we will see God moving swiftly to restore what the enemy has taken. While our government on all levels seems to be in a chaotic state leading into the big election, the Theocracy of God is in perfect order and the plans that the enemy has to shake up our governmental structure WILL NOT PREVAIL as long as my church continues steadfastly in prayer and supplication for this nation. [Even as I was typing the previous statement concerning our governmental structure, I received a CNN Breaking News Alert on my computer that said, “In the latest CNN/ORC International Poll, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in a general election matchup.”] But God says do not be dismayed or discouraged; you will witness a mighty move upon this land. Men’s hearts will surely fail if they focus on what they see because it will bring fear. There will be the appearance that the church has lost ground and things are going very badly, but it will not persist; in fact, the church has actually gained ground.

There will be more exposure of deep dark secrets of those in top government leadership, church leadership, and in the collegiate world. The shaking is not over, but those who have been faithful will not be moved.

This will be a year of great blessings for many! Specifically for Covenant Warriors, I see books written and published this year. I see numerous talents and abilities coming to the forefront --journalists, freelance writers, authors, publishers, analysts, choreographers, and much more creative talent. I see stability on all fronts and I also see expansion and increase.

Do not lose ground this year as in times past doing what does not matter and do not allow seeds of discord to be sown among you because you are poised for multiple waves of blessings this year. I am calling you to a greater level of commitment to Me because I have much to give you this year and “to whom much is given much is required.”

Finally, I see a new order where the church is making an impact in communities in ways like never before. Whereas in times past, the church looked for the community to make an economic impact on the church world, I see, this year, the church world beginning to make more of an economic impact on local communities. Whereas the community has been oblivious of the church, believing it to be small and insignificant, beginning now, it can ill afford to ignore the church without severe consequences because the church has awakened and must be counted and consulted in major community decisions. Church leaders are being positioned in places of local authoritative governing.

I am with you and I will show Myself strong on your behalf this year says God.

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